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OrderNow Yamaha RX-V2065BL 7.2-Channel Network Digital Home Theater Receiver (Black)

Yamaha RX-V2065BL 7.2-Channel Network Digital Home Theater Receiver (Black)

Product Description
Yamaha RX-V2065BL 7.1-Channel Network Home Theater Receiver

  • New scene buttons (BD / DVD, TV, CD and Radio) -quick and simple to use
  • Analog video upscaling to full HD 1080p with TBC
  • YPAO sound optimization for automatic speaker setup
  • Compressed Music Enhancer, SILENT CINEMA and Virtual CINEMA DSP
  • RS-232C interface

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Allmost the best
Had mine 3 months now, I upgraded from a 12 year old Yamy DSP-A1 with a TX-492 Tuner which gave me about

20 FM stations, I get 1 with the 2065, I have a 6 element Antenna in the attic. Why is it that I can Receive Tons of stations on my car radio in the garage and 1 on My $1300.00 Receiver?

But I still love it.

Awesome Receiver With A Couple Of Annoyances.
I just received this receiver (no pun intended) yesterday. I spent around 2 months researching this purchase and finally decided to go with the RX-V2065 because I have always owned Yamaha receivers. I'm amazed at the sound quality!! This unit replaced my old Yamaha HTR-5140 and there is a world of difference in the sound. The internet radio is amazing. It sounds great and there are thousands of stations to choose from. I was listening to a radio station in India earlier. The HD radio is also a very nice feature and the few stations that I do get sound great in HD. I did have some trouble getting connected to my network because for some reason I had my router only assigning 11 IP addresses and they were all taken, so the 2065 wasn't being assigned an IP address. Was an easy fix once I discovered it. So if you have any problems connecting to your network, be sure to check your router settings first, as the Yamaha should just connect with no intervention.


As some people have stated in other forums, Yamaha has cut some corners on their new receivers. My Yamahas have always had two power outlets on the back and I have always used one of these to plug in the subwoofer. The 2065 has no power outlets which I did not notice until after I bought it. I'm going to have to get a power strip in order to plug everything in and I won't be able to power on and off the subwoofer simply by turning the 2065 on and off.

The FM reception is not very good at all. I cannot get the two local stations that I listen to (and I could easily get them on the HTR-5140). If you go to the AVSForums and look in the 2065 thread, you will see that others have complained about this as well. With all the choices I have with the internet radio, this isn't going to be a big issue for me, but it might for someone who listens to the radio a lot.

The speaker connectors are very close together. I spent way more time than I should have getting the wires connected. If you do not already have them, I highly recommend getting banana plugs for the connections to the receiver. As soon as I get the chance I'm going to order some banana plugs and cleanup the connections.

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